Starting/resuming, federation troubles

Sunrise over Oxford

It's a couple of months since I first created this blog, and I've been busy with a few things and also had some technical trouble.

The most important thing is that in theory, you should be able to follow this blog on the Fediverse as, but for some reason it doesn't work, even though I believe I enabled it in the settings.

Not that it matters that much, since I can always share my posts on Mastodon and other places if I want.

I must admit, writing in Write Freely is a beautiful, minimalistic experience: You just write along and format with Markdown.

This is a multi-user and multi-blog installation, and that makes it easy to diversify the topics. For now, I mainly write about Afro-Brazilian religion and culture on my Wordpress blog, and I mainly (though not very often) write about free software on my FSFE blog.

Here, I might write about all kinds of other stuff – about politics, about learning Greenlandic, and whatnot, and create separate blogs for these topics.

It would, though, be easier to communicate them as separate channels if the federation was working.

But for now, let this post announce the sunrise of further activities here.

Edit, February 4th

It turns out that federation actually works. What doesn't work is me accessing this blog from my own Mastodon instance ... so the problem I thought was in this WriteFreely installation is actually in Mastodon. I've asked for help on the Yunohost forum, hopefully I can fix it soon.

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